Easy, and gorgeous, curled hair styles that you don’t need a professional for!

Let’s face it, we’ve all tried to pull off a perfect curled look, only to end up in tragedy. Whether it’s burned ends from too much heat, an attempt at soft waves that came out as tight as an old lady's perm or something that would look more accurate on a male lion, we’ve all found ourselves in awe of the hairdressers.

For most of us though, having our hair styled every couple of days just isn’t affordable – and in these strange times, most of the hairdressers are closed anyway. And not to forget, the more you save, the more savings you have for the other important things in life, like wine and chocolate.

That’s why we at The Beauty Premier have found you the best products for the perfect, affordable curl – as well as the best techniques.

Today, we’re looking at some curled hair hacks that are easy, gorgeous and affordable. Better yet, they’re the ones that you don’t need a professional for, meaning that you can do them at home in just a few minutes.

So remember, invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.

Hollywood glamour curls

Example: Marilyn Monroe

Buy Premier Curler - The Beauty PremierVintage glamour is one of the looks that never goes out of style, but too many times the level of heat and product needed to keep these full body rolls in is just uncomfortable.                                                                                                                  The easiest way to keep this kind of curl volumous and voluptuous is to make sure you put the curl in again the grain. If your hair falls naturally to the left, kink it with curlers to the right, then slide a bobby pin in to hold it in place. The natural bounce of your hair will keep it pushing outwards as it fights the pin, meaning it will stay plump all day – and you won’t need excess heat to hold it.

You can also add a little coconut oil for shine, but make sure its after or the moisture on the rollers with scorch your hair – and dry ends and brittle waves just aren’t cute.

Beach waves

Example: Chrissy Teigen

Buy Premier Curler - The Beauty PremierBeach waves are notorious to get without going frizzy or falling out throughout the day. To make your curls look beach babe or beach boy rather than bedraggled and right out of the shower, tackling the frizz factor is the best place to start.                                                                             You can do this with a custom shampoo, adding multivitamins to your diet or making a natural hair mask is a great start.

Here’s one we like to use:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • Coconut oil

All you need is smash it together and leave it on for 20 minutes minimum, then wash it off – but make sure your hair is dry before curling.

Argon oil or macadamia oil is also a way to flatten the frizz.

To keep those curls in the best way is to put them in the night before. By making sure that they are way tighter than you want you will wake up with a loose look.

Remember not to brush, or if you really must just use your fingers and give your hair a shake. It will come out natural and light – and stay in loose waves until your next wash or brush.

Natural waves

Example: Shakira

Buy Premier Curler - The Beauty PremierYou might think that this kind of hair is something you can only achieve naturally or at the hands of a great stylist – wrong.                                                     You can actually use curlers to create waves as well as curls. All you need to do is change direction at each piece.                                                                            Imagine you have sectioned off your hair, just like you would to straighten it. If you put the curler under your hair near the root (but never on the root or directly on the scalp) you will achieve volume on the top. Now you need it to curl in, so move down and apply the curler on the outside. And repeat – inside, outside, inside, outside, until you have luxurious waves.

Buy Premier Curler - The Beauty PremierAt the bottom you can end on a light wave by holding the heat for less time, or a full on loop. It’s your call, and your curl!                                                                                                                                                                                  Grab your Premier Curler and show off your sassy swirls!                                                                                                                                                              Until next time!                                                                                                  Love from the beautiful premier team.                           

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